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If you're a fan of Tetris and a fan of Scrabble then maybe you'll be a fan of Textris too! Textris is an attempt to combine aspects of both these games into one fast paced test of your lexicon. Expand your vernacular and spelling abilities by arranging the falling letters to form words. Out last your opponent or try to beat your own high score. Textris offers a variety of options to keep the game play new and interesting.

  • OpenGL accelerated graphics
  • Single Player and Two Player modes
  • Multiple variations on game play (word length)
  • Modest system requierments
  • Umm... Educational?

Screen Shots
Textris Screen Shot

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We would like to bring Textris to all of you for free. Textris is not crippled in any way. But the sad fact of life is that very few things are free. In order for us to update our current products and continue to produce new titles, we must have the software and hardware that allows us to do so. Hence, it costs us money. If you want to see us continue to support Textris and develope future projects, please consider registering.

We ask $10 USD for Textris. Not too much is it? You can pay via Kagi Software, a service that will allow you to register securely on-line.

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