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Greg Munro

178A Craig Henry Drive Email:
Nepean, ON Web Page:
K2G 4M7
Phone: (613) 225-0450

Summary of Skills

Programming Operating Systems Software
• C++ • MacOS X • GNU Tools (gdb, gcc)
• ColdFusion (CFML) • Windows • Microsoft Office
• HTML • UNIX • CodeWarrior
• PHP • MacOS 9 • MySQL
• Visual FoxPro • Linux • ColdFusion Studio
• SQL • LaTeX
• Java • Photoshop

Personal Skills

  • Strong independent learning skills
  • Work well within groups
  • Ability to perform under pressure and deadline situations

Work Experience

Shareware Author, Ottawa, ON 1997 - Present
C/C++ Developer
  • Designed full featured shareware applications for the Macintosh
  • Features include network play, AI, graphics, and sound
  • Web site available at
  • Games have been published on many shareware CD-ROMs

Bellanet International Secretariat, Ottawa, ON Jan. - April 2000
Internet Comm. Officer May. - Aug. 1999
  • Responsible for researching, developing, and testing several different Web applications using the ColdFusion development suite, including relational database design and integration with other server applications.

Transport Canada, Ottawa, ON Sept. - Dec. 1998
Programmer/Analyst Jan. - April. 1998
  • Created database applications with Visual FoxPro and MS Office. Application tasks include data verification and dynamic user generated queries.


University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON Sept. 1997 - Aug. 2002
  • Bachelor of Math Honours, majoring in Computer Science
  • Fourth year courses in databases, algorithms, distributed computing, and AI

Activities and Interests

  • Interest in drawing and painting
  • Competition in sports and games
  • Tasty beverages of all kinds

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