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2004-05-12: New Game Textris Unleashed!

If you're a fan of Tetris and a fan of Scrabble then maybe you'll be a fan of Textris too! Textris is an attempt to combine aspects of both these games into one fast paced test of your lexicon. Expand your vernacular and spelling abilities by arranging the falling letters to form words. Out last your opponent or try to beat your own high score. Textris offers a variety of options to keep the game play new and interesting.

If this sounds like the game for you then hurry on over and check out this latest offering from Yiminee Software!

2004-05-11: New Web Page
Well, after over three years of steady unreliable serverice, we finally decided it was time to retire our glorious old web site in favour of this questionably sexier new one. She will be missed.

2004-05-10: Asshole for OS X!
In the past many of you have asked for an OS X naitive update to Asshole. However, we at Yiminee had no interest in reopening that particular can of worms. But some one else did! At long last Gerry Beggs has released a great new OS X compatible version of Asshole! Check out his Asshole II web page and enjoy!

2004-02-01: Small Cribbage Update
At some point we updated Cribbage to fix a crashing bug under OS X 10.3. So if you're experiencing this problem perhaps this update will help. You can get the newest version on the downloads page.

2003-07-13: Game Glutton 1.1.0 Available
You can now download Game Glutton 1.1.0 . It has two new game types, dots and a game type similar to the Axis & Allies. The biggest part of this update is support for YimineeWorld which is our little netgame gathering service. Our cribbage game has also been updated to support YimineeWorld.

2003-03-08: Game Glutton Progess
The uDevGames 2002 Contest is over. Our entry Game Glutton did quite horrible. However we take consolation in the fact that only 40 people voted for or against our game, which is less than the number of entrants. We have been working on an impressive update to GameGlutton. More game types, faster load times, and we are working on some sort of way to find players. GameRanger seems unwilling to work with us, but we may still find an alternative somehow.

2002-11-18: uDevGames Contest Voting Started
The voting for the uDevGames 2002 has started today. Go check out our entry, Game Glutton, and the other 40 games entered this year.

2002-11-15: Cribbage X Progress
A new preview release of Cribbage is available. This version allows for direct TCP/IP network games. It has untested code for GameRanger support. Unfortunatly, we have been unable to get in contact with GameRanger folks about a plugin for either Cribbage X or Game Glutton since the end of the summer.

2002-10-26: Game Glutton Progress
This year's uDevGames contest is getting closer. Please let us know if you find any serious defects with our entry Game Glutton. It is for Mac OS X only, and has about 150 boards for 18 game types. Be sure to vote for us. On another note, we've changed web hosts.

2002-09-24: Some News
So this web page is about to disappear. Oh well, I guess it is time to find some other place to put it. So we have decided to enter into this year's uDevGames contest. You can track the progress and download the current development version here.

2002-07-17: You suck Apple
So today Apple decided that it would be a good idea to charge $100 USD for iTools (on which this site is hosted). Silly me. I thought these were features we got for buying their OS, and their hardware. Guess not. Nice of you to get us dependent on them before you start asking for money. Anyways, when you can't find this homepage in a month or two, you know why.

But Apple, I do know a way you can make it up to me: Give us jobs! We can make iCribbage and iAsshole. Just think of how many machines you will sell then!

2002-05-27: Cribbage for OS X updated
First, let me apologize for taking a year to fix a couple of bugs. What can I say, I am very lazy (and the number of registrations aren't much motivation). But we appreciate those who have registered, and want to offer them a good product. So, we have released a small update to Yiminee Cribbage that fixes a few bugs. We still plan on releasing a networkable version for OS X, hopefully that will be ready before another year passes. Anyways, you can download the update here.

On another note, we at Yiminee will soon be done with all that school stuff, and will sadly be looking for a real job. So, if there are any high tech folks out there with money to burn (ahhh, the good old days), WE NEED JOBS!!!! PLEASE!!!

2001-08-05: Big Bike Trip
You like bikes? You like bike trips? Hate them? Well, either way, for those of you interested you can check out the adventures of one Yiminee member as he biked across a large section of Canada right here.

2001-05-24: Xcellent!
Hey everyone look!! A new version of Yiminee Cribbage! Yay! Gee, I wonder what splendid new features they've added?!?!

Well, not much really. This is a preview release of Yiminee Cribbage which adds OS X support. If you don't have OS X, don't download this, it won't work. However, if you do have OS X, then what the hell are you waiting for?

Download it now!

Oh, also we are now leeching our web space from Apple, via iTools. Thanks Apple! Look Ma, no ads!

2001-04-02: Still Alive...
Despite what you might think, we at Yiminee Software are still alive and well. Just got OS X, so perhaps, if I am kind, I will investigate a carbon version of Cribbage.

Oh yeah, and for all you fans out there, a new rant! My apologies to the Angry White Man. He sent me this some time ago, and in my infinite laziness I failed to post it.

2000-12-19: Round 2
Well, this seems like as good a time as any for another little status update (if there is anyone that cares). We have attempted to move the web site to a new (free) host to see if the downloads work any better.

The rant section has also been updated with a cheery holiday rant for your feeble brains to contemplate.

Anyways, please let us know if the download troubles continue...

2000-11-22: Aw Hell...
It seems poeple are having trouble getting a hold of Cribbage for one reason or another. I have been told that the version available from the GameRanger download page is, in fact, 1.0.0. So, for now you can try downloading it locally from Geocities. However, I have never been able to download from here, perhaps you will have better luck. So, if anyone has free and reliable web space available and just just itching to give it to me, feel free to contact me. Oh well, enough ranting. I'll just go beat my head against the wall now.

2000-11-15: Yiminee Cribbage Updated
Yiminee Cribbage has been updated to version 1.0.1. We would suggest that anyone who likes to play network games download this update. Here is a list of whats new:
  • [BUG] SpeechLib and NetSprocketLib are no longer required to run Cribbage (forgot to link)
  • [BUG] character file loading during network games should behave a better
  • [BUG] peg colouring during net games should no longer change, just remember YOU ARE ALWAYS BLUE
  • [BUG] fixed bug where you could play cards using the keyboard in network games when you shouldn't be able to
  • [BUG] various improvements in network reliability
  • [BUG] setting number of players from the GameRanger host dialog should work correctly now
  • [BUG] other small bug fixes and cosmetic improvements
  • [NEW] added option to toggle character files loading during network games
  • [NEW] top secret
Anyways, download it here.

2000-11-03: Looking Forward to 1.1
It got off to a rocky start, but the we managed to get the chat in. Here is the chat transcript for your enjoyment. Thanks to everyone for showing up.

You can now download Cribbage, so go get it. Bug reports are already flooding in. We hope to have them fixed before the next century.

2000-10-30: Yiminee Lives!
Yiminee was the brainchild of five highly developed hamsters that one night after running around and around their squeaky wheel came upon the idea to create a new an exciting product for the world as a whole. That was the basis of the Screw hat. This amazing invention solved that age-old problem of hats blowing off on windy days by bolting them to the skull with a number seven Melvin screw nail. After dismal sales they came up with a software company who made mediocre games, such as "Running the Wheel" and "Habittrail from Hell". Crushed by the failure of the screw hats and realizing their grave mistake of eating their young they purged their little hamster souls by selling Yiminee to two dorky white kids for a wooden chew stick and some cooked spaghetti. That's how this amazing software company came to be.

2000-10-30: Yiminee Cribbage to be Released on GameRanger
Even more exciting than our own existence is the existence of our second production: Yiminee Cribbage. Yiminee Software will be releasing Cribbage Thursday November 2, in cooperation with GameRanger. So be sure to tune in at 6 pm PST, 9 pm EST for the festivities!

We have attempted to capture all the beloved features of our previous card game Asshole that made it, well, amusing to some, offensive to others. And it wouldn't be complete if we didn't include some bugs as well (I can hardly wait for version 1.1.0). But this time you get all this goodness in the form of my Grandma's favorite game.

Cribbage includes all of these features and more:
  • Networking support for 2 to 4 players via GameRanger
  • 16-bit graphics with support for alpha channels
  • Sounds, sounds, and more sounds
  • Plug in architecture (make your own characters!)
  • Detailed statistics
  • Enough insults to make your whole family cry
But enough banter, go see what we're talking about!

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