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2004-05-12: New Game Textris Unleashed!

If you're a fan of Tetris and a fan of Scrabble then maybe you'll be a fan of Textris too! Textris is an attempt to combine aspects of both these games into one fast paced test of your lexicon. Expand your vernacular and spelling abilities by arranging the falling letters to form words. Out last your opponent or try to beat your own high score. Textris offers a variety of options to keep the game play new and interesting.

If this sounds like the game for you then hurry on over and check out this latest offering from Yiminee Software!

2004-05-11: New Web Page
Well, after over three years of steady unreliable serverice, we finally decided it was time to retire our glorious old web site in favour of this questionably sexier new one. She will be missed.

2004-05-10: Asshole for OS X!
In the past many of you have asked for an OS X naitive update to Asshole. However, we at Yiminee had no interest in reopening that particular can of worms. But some one else did! At long last Gerry Beggs has released a great new OS X compatible version of Asshole! Check out his Asshole II web page and enjoy!

2004-02-01: Small Cribbage Update
At some point we updated Cribbage to fix a crashing bug under OS X 10.3. So if you're experiencing this problem perhaps this update will help. You can get the newest version on the downloads page.

2003-07-13: Game Glutton 1.1.0 Available
You can now download Game Glutton 1.1.0 . It has two new game types, dots and a game type similar to the Axis & Allies. The biggest part of this update is support for YimineeWorld which is our little netgame gathering service. Our cribbage game has also been updated to support YimineeWorld.

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