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What is Yiminee Cribbage?
Unreal and Quake 3 can be fun, if you have 256MB of ram and a video card that can get 5243.78 FPS. But for the rest of us there are card games. Games where reaction time, ping, and fill rate are irrelevant. Yiminee Cribbage is yet another Cribbage game for the Macintosh. Just imagine, in a couple of minutes you can be playing Cribbage on you own computer. No more tedious counting and pegging. With the remarkable technology we have programmed into Yiminee Cribbage it can do all of these things for you and more. Jammed packed with colourful pictures and redundant sounds, Yiminee Cribbage is sure to fill all of your Cribbage desires. Don't believe us? Then check it out and find out for yourself!

Features and Requirements
Joe Picture Some fo the features Yiminee Cribbage has to offer include:
  • Now available for OS X!
  • Networking support for 2 to 4 players via GameRanger
  • 16-bit graphics with support for alpha channels
  • Sounds, sounds, and more sounds
  • Plug in architecture (make your own characters!)
  • Detailed statistics
  • Adjustable difficulty levels
  • Optional card counting and muggins calling
  • Ability to gobble up more memory then any card game should
  • Enough insults to make your whole family cry
Yiminee Cribbage should work on any computer that satisfies the following requirements:
  • PPC Macintosh
  • 16-bit colour recommended (but should work with 256 colors)
  • 14MB free memory
  • System 8.5 (we think...)
  • Appearance Manager 1.1
  • ... or MacOS X (10.0.0)

Screen Shots
Main Window 1 Statistics Window Main Window 2 Cribbage in OS X!

Download Yiminee Cribbage now!

We would like to bring Yiminee Cribbage to all of you for free. Yiminee Cribbage is not crippled in any way. But the sad fact of life is that very few things are free. In order for us to update our current products and continue to produce new titles, we must have the software and hardware that allows us to do so. Hence, it costs us money. If you want to see us continue to support Cribbage and develope future projects, please consider registering.

We ask $10 USD for Yiminee Cribbage. Not too much is it? You can pay via Kagi Software, a service that will allow you to register securely on-line.

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