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Asshole For Mac OS X!

Asshole is legacy software and this web page is primarily maintained for nostalgic reasons (and perhaps for those few people still using computers as old as mine). In the past many of you have asked for an OS X naitive update to Asshole. However, we at Yiminee had no interest in reopening that particular can of worms. But some one else did! At long last Gerry Beggs has released a great new OS X compatible version of Asshole! Check out his Asshole II web page and enjoy!


What Is Asshole?

Asshole is a card game for the Macintosh. Your goal is to be the first to get rid of all of your cards. There are many different variations and rules to this game, many of which are configurable in the preferences. Despite it's name, there is nothing offensive or rude about this game, so why not download it and try it out!


  • play against 3 to 6 opponents
  • networkable: play against your friends across an appletalk network or the internet!
  • many options to customize game play
  • three difficulty levels
  • detailed colour graphics
  • custom sounds by Jason Gemmill
  • elegant interface
  • preferences which remember settings and past performances
  • it is FREE!

Asshole FAQ now online!


  • system 7 or higher
  • 68020 or better (Asshole is a FAT program, so it is native on both PPC and 68k)
  • A 68k Mac requires CFM68k enabler in order to use the 68k Netsprockets.
  • 640 x 480 or greater monitor
  • 256 colours
  • 2.5 megabytes of free memory
  • 1.5 megabytes of disk space

Screen Shots:

The Game:

The Preferences:


  • 12/19/99 - Game Ranger should now have a plug-in available for Asshole 1.1.1 (And there was much rejoicing (Yay))
  • 10/20/99 - Asshole 1.1.1 released (Almost exactly a year since the last update.) This version has Game Ranger support. Game Ranger is a FREE game gathering server. NOTE: Currently, Game Ranger does not have a plugin for asshole... but it will eventually. In case you care, Asshole has been re-released commercially in Japan under the name 'Daifugo' from MSD-Japan.
  • 10/31/98 - Asshole 1.1 available! New options include continuing play after some one goes out. Now there is an Autoplay feature for use when you want the game to continue but you are away from the keyboard. Asshole is more background task friendly. No more updates for Asshole are planned.
  • 03/28/98 - Asshole 1.0.6 available! Player can now connect at any point in the game. Many bug fixes. The chat box is now resizable. Keep the comments comming so that we can improve the game!
  • 02/06/98 - Asshole 1.0.5 available! New statistics! Yippie a new feature! The statistics now tracks winning/losing/president and asshole steaks! But wait there's more. Network games should incur less lag. The 'Stop Netgame' command is gone becuase it didn't clean up properly.
  • 02/06/98- An Asshole FAQ is now available on the web. It's got some of them commonly asked questions and some not so commonly asked questions.
  • 1/02/98 - Fixed some bugs that should make networking much more reliable. The 'No such card' error should be much less frequent.
  • 10/07/97 - Both version 1.0.3 and 1.0.2 are now online. 1.0.3 now includes the OpenTransportLib.68k and a FAQ that may answer some of the questions we have been getting. If you still have problems and don't care about networking get 1.0.2. We will try and set up a link to the FAQ on the web page soon. On a positive note, we got our game its own little place at Networkable Mac Games. A big thanks to Rick and all Asshole fans!
  • 10/05/97 - Just a couple hints for Net play: Try not to join in the middle of a hand being played out. Wait until all players have joined then start the game... not before. Also after the first round of play the Asshole and President must trade cards, this is why the 'Play' button is disabled.
  • 10/05/97 - If you have a 68k Mac and a system less than 7.6 please make sure that all four CFM68k externtions are installed(CFM68k Enabler, ObjectSupportLib, OpenTransportLib.68k and NetSprockets68k) If some of these extentions are missing then Asshole 1.0.3 (or any other NetSprocket game) will crash with error 10.
  • 10/04/97- Asshole at 1.0.3! Finally gotta hold of a 68k version of netsprockets. I didn't realize it would take hours of library manipulation to get it to compile though! 68k Macs should be able to play netgames now. However, 68k macs now need the CFM68k enabler to run Asshole. What the heck is CFM68k anyhoo?
  • 09/10/97 - Asshole at 1.0.2. Fixed a few small insignificant bugs. Made tiny modification to hard difficulty. Probably the last update for 4 months as it is now school time.
  • 08/27/97 - Updated Asshole to version 1.0.1 to fix a bug witch would cause a crash if Speech Manager wasn't installed. Sorry about that!
  • 08/25/97 - Released Asshole 1.0.0!


Download Asshole 1.1.1 now!

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